Top Jobs for Expats in Russia

Planning to make a move to Russia? Well you are not alone, over the past decade there is an increased amount of expats, freelances and others nomads who had decided to relocate to Russia. The stereotype that Russia is only for Oil   workers and office expats is fading amidst a new generation of nomads who’d prefer to live in Russia rather then tropical Asia or South America.
Russia has a huge community of expats who work there as teachers, real estate agents, NGO workers, digital nomads (developers, copywriters, marketers). Like any other country, if you have the right skill or have working a business you can live and work in Russia.
Below is the list of jobs that foreigners can do to work in this past of the world.
  1. Teach English in Russia
Teaching English might the most popular job for foreigners. With a big populations, a growing demand for English, Russia offers both the opportunities and the excitements that English teachers seek.
In most of Russia, specially larger cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, English is like a second language due to big presence of Western companies in the region and huge influx of foreign tourists. For a fact, English is begin taught from the primary school. However, due to the quality of education in the state schools, its common to see many students attend private language schools to improve their knowledge of the language. This explains the demand for english teachers, you will be in even higher demand if you are a native english speaker (i.e you come from US, UK, Canada and other countries where English is the first/official language).
Bear in mind, though, that you might need to get a TEFL certificate which will prove that you have the right credentials for teaching english.
  1. Become a Freelance Writer
It seems like everyone has something to say these days, and most people don’t have time to say it. You can help those people, if you are handy with words and have some spare time. Whether you focus on  advertising, blogging, financial writing or anything else, good freelance writer can make about 40$ per hour depending on type of work and client. Although, there are many people on Upwork (popular freelance website) who are willing to write 1000 words for 5 bucks, if you hone your skill and prove to the client that you job is work the high fees, you can easily make a good monthly income.
  1. Become a freelancer on Fiver or Upwork
There have been many success stories lately, of how some people earn a good stable income (3k-5k USD per month) by selling a gig on Upwork and Fiver. Many of them are freelance designers, web developers who work from their bed or a coffee house under their own schedule and can decide with which clients to work.
  1. Working in an MNC 
There are many western corporations who have business interest in the Russia with most of the offices located in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. If you have a good experience in the corporate sector, just put it on your CV and you can start applying for jobs. Below are the some of the most popular job boards and recruiting agencies:
  • Indeed ( – job board
  • Antal ( – recruiting agency
  • Hays ( – recruiting agency
  • Staffwell ( – recruiting agency
  • Kelly Services ( – recruiting agency
  • Adecco ( – recruiting agency
The big plus of working for a MNC is that usually a company will handle the relocation, including visa for you and your family, and will provide you with retirement, insurance and other employee benefits. The downside will be that you will have to work in the office from 9-5 or more! However, many expats have  got used to it and are perfectly fine with it, since the projects they are working under are interesting and usually they take on managerial positions. In the end, it depends on each person as to what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice.
  1. Working for a NGO 
 Are you kind of a person who wants to help/build communities, fi you are then you might want to consider to work as a development worker for an NGO. However, note that this projects are usually working on a project-to-project basis, meaning once the projects is finished (3 – 12 months) it will be closed you might not get the offer for the next project. You also might be get insurance and retirement, but subject to the offer.
Here are some of the webistes to find the jobs for a NGO positions:
In the end, if you have the skill that you can sell or you have some managerial or development experience, you will be able to find job in Russia. It might take some time and you might need to polish your CV but you have the chance if you  put in the work.
If there are jobs that we have missed please let us know.

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