How to use Spotify in Russia?

Although there are many alternatives to Spotify in Russia like Apple Music, Yandex and Deezer, they can’t beat the quality and quantity of Spotify. Since the Sweden unicorn is not planning on entering the Russian market below is the guide on how you can enjoy your favorite playlists while living and working in Russia.

What you will need:

  • 30 minutes of your time
  • a bank card (if you want to use the premium option)
  • VPN
  • good music taste and willingness to explore curated playlists


In order to connect Spotify we will need to connect to the VPN first. You can choose any VPN that you are comfortable using, but we advise to use TunnelBear, since they provide 500 MB of free monthly data and are available on all platforms (mobile, PC etc). Again you are free to use any VPN provider as long as your IP is from an english speaking country in order to have the language settings in English.

Once connected to the VPN you can download the program from the website or from an AppStore in IOS (note that for IOS users you must make your AppStore location to US). Once downloaded and installed, just open the app and register. In the end, just enjoy the music, with your VPN turned off (Spotify will think that you are away on vacation and won’t turn off for a few weeks).

For hardcore users and ad-haters, you can subscribe to the premium version of the streaming service, if you are using a local russian bank account just choose Lithuania (only) as a country and enter the details. For the rest, you can choose to use your home country’s bank account or make the payment through PayPal.

As you can see its not a rocket-science to set up the service, although its quite sad that Russia is still not available forcing the people to use VPN and Lithuanian bank accounts. Hopefully we will see Spotify real soon. Until then, enjoy the beats!!!


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